On March 29, l994, nineteen year old Shawn Michael Phelan was injured in a car wreck when his Toyota Corolla was broadsided at an intersection only three blocks from home. Except for a cut on his right ear he appeared to have no broken bones, however, Shawn suffered Traumatic Brain Injury, known as TBI, sending him into a deep coma. After a long hard fight over the next four years Shawn passed away on September 27th, 1998. He was 23.

This is Shawn's story. A talented actor, musician, and beloved son who was taken from this world so early. This site is dedicated to the loving memory of Shawn, his accomplishments, his will to survive and other stories of loved ones who have experienced TBI. The question can't be answered as to why promising lives sometimes end in a heartbeat but their memories are still relevant today and they will never be forgotten.