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Murder, She Wrote - "A Virtual Murder"
as Alex Hooper

This was Shawn’s last project to film playing the part of a computer wiz when Jessica happens on a computerized clue to a murder while writing a mystery for a friend's interactive video game. Hercules actor Kevin Sorbo also starred in this episode and Shawn, now eighteen, would drive to and from the studio each day himself. This particular episode reaired while Shawn was in the hospital but it was too hard on his family to even watch.

Original Air Date - 10/31/93, CBS (Season 10, Episode 5)

Telling Secrets - miniseries
as Daniel Kelsey

Telling Secrets aired 43 days before Shawn’s car accident. Shawn played the part of Cybil Shepard's son for this Mystery in which a wealthy woman arranges for the murder of her husband's mistress. This miniseries was shot in Phoenix, Arizona.

Original Air Date - 1/17/93, ABC

Breaking the Rules (aka Sketches)
as Young Phil

Shawn played a young Jason Bateman at the start of this feature film about two friends who take their dying friend on one last road trip. This movie also starred Jonathan Silverman and Annie Potts. It was actually filmed in 1989 and the title was later changed from “Sketches” to "Breaking the Rules", although today pay movie channels may list it as its original title.

Original Release Date - 10/09/92, Miramax Films


The Torkelsons - "Swear Not by the Moon"
as Mercurio

Shawn's character has a small part of Mercurio in Romeo and Juliet western style for the school play.

Original Air Date - 1/19/92, NBC/Disney


Miles from Nowhere

TV Movie

as Emmett Reilly


While filming "Breaking the Rules" Shawn was hired for a Movie of the Week which was going to be shot in Vancouver and actually plays a part of a character who is involved in a car wreck leaving him comatose.  This was two years prior to Shawn's own accident.  Shawn plays Emmet Riley who's older bother Frank, played by Rick Schroeder, feels responsible for the accident and is determined to get him on the road to recovery through his traumatic brain injury.  James Farentino plays Shawn's father and the teleplay was written by writer Jeff Andrus.

Original Air Date - 1/7/92, CBS

Do Not Bring That Python In the House

(1992, NBC)

as Zach Miller


In this NBC pilot Shawn played wise cracking Zach Miller, the oldest of three boys, being raised by single mom and opinion writer for the local newspaper (Judith Lively). Jonathan Brandis played the middle brother. Shawn got to play around on the guitar during one scene. The youngest brother invites his first girlfriend to eat dinner with the family. He gets a rude awakening on life when she admits she's had a crush on Jonathan Brandis' character the whole time. Created & Written By Lisa Medway, this pilot was aired on NBC but didn't get picked up for the season.


The Secret of Lost Creek

(1992, Disney)

as Russy


The Disney Channel aired this fifteen part adventure series during the Mickey Mouse Club. Shot in the summer around Salt Lake City, Utah, Shannon Doherty co-starred.  Shawn took up horse back riding, which he thoroughly enjoyed, but those scenes were cancelled and didn't get to be filmed.


Toy Soldiers

(1991) Feature Film

as Derek 'Yogurt'


Perhaps Shawn's most recognized role, he acted along Sean Astin and Wil Wheaton playing Derek aka ‘Yogurt’ whose private school is taken hostage.  Shawn actually flew the toy airplane in the movie his character made and Yogurt helps outwit the hostage takers. During production members of the cast started a band.


Original Release Date - 4/29/91, TriStar Pictures


(1991, HBO)

as Young Dan


Billy Crystal wrote this six episode series for HBO.  The whole show was about a middle aged man and his psychiatrist (Elliot Gould) who during the appointments would think back to his childhood.   Shawn thought it was a thrill to work with Billy Crystal who he found to be one of the most everyday and nicest people he met in Hollywood.


The Wonder Years - "The Accident"

as William


In a short scene Shawn's character asks Kevin (Fred Savage) if he would mind if he asks Winnie Cooper out since they have broken up. Kevin does mind.

Original Air Date - 4/29/91, ABC


Belles of Bleeker Street

as Porter


Shawn was the wealthy and very intellectual friend in this pilot about two young girls in the city.  An interesting story about the pilot was that Ringo Starr was scheduled to be in the episode, which was going to be a big deal for Shawn to meet an actual Beatle. However, at the last minute Ringo had to travel out of the country and could not appear so actors Steven Baldwin and Ty Miller from Young Riders took his place. It was exciting for the girls at the party, but Shawn really wanted to meet Ringo.


Original Air Dates - 4/90, ABC   



Grand - "The Wolf Boy", "The Well"

(1990, NBC)

as Timmy


Shawn guest starred in this sitcom spoof of soap operas playing the role of Timmy, a boy raised by wolves.   His character was adopted by Bonnie Hunt.   The family, expecting her to come home with a baby were surprised when she came home with a teenager.   He played this part for several weeks until the show was cancelled after a two year run.   This audition was odd because there were no lines, only actions.   Shawn had a nervous little dog at home and decided to audition by using a lot of his dog's actions.   That got him hired immediately.  Pamela Reed was also a star in this show and she and Shawn were able to continue their friendship they had started when he played her son, Winston Carmichael in the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, "Caroline?".

Original Air Dates - 12/20/90, NBC (Season 2, Episode 11); 12/27/90, (Season 2, Episode 12)



as Winston Carmichael


This was Shawn’s first dramatic role. Shawn worked along actresses Stephanie Zimbalist, Pamela Reed, and Oscar winning actress Patricia Neal - who were all wonderful influences on Shawn. This production was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia during the spring, and directed by Emmy Winner Joseph Sargent. This was where Shawn met the Petrie Family who were all involved in different facets of the television and movie business, and as writer and directors of Toy Soldiers. Shawn received wonderful reviews for his work in this film, especially by his co-stars. Caroline? was nominated for six Emmys and won four, taking best drama of the year. Shawn also received an award himself which proudly hung on the living room wall.

Original Air Dates - 4/29/90, CBS


Family Matters - "False Arrest"

as Mickey


The Winslows are shocked when they discover that their TV idol (Ron Glass) has been arrested for assaulting a police officer who happens to be their father, Officer Carl Winslow.  Shawn guest starred on this episode playing a child actor in one of the Winslow's favorite TV shows.  The scenes were shown from the Winslow's television set.  This was before the character "Steve Erkel" was a regular even the show still airs with a scene of Erkel at the beginning.

Original Air Dates - 11/28/89, ABC


Sister Kate -  "Hilary's Date"

as Tom


This was Shawn’s first experience on a nationally televised sitcom when he was thirteen playing the part of Tom.  Hillary Logan(Penina Segall) hides the fact that she is in a wheel chair from Tom, the the boy she likes.  The other orphans invite him to a Halloween party hoping Hillary will tell him of her handicap but Hillary again hides her disability and talks Tom into coming as Eleanor Roosevelt while she comes as Franklin Roosevelt. Stephanie Beacham and Jason Priestly starred in this NBC sitcom.


Original Air Date - 10/29/89, NBC